Sessions And Workshops

If you are dealing with emotional or physical issues, I offer you a personalized approach that combines different tools working on the body and the mind. With energy healing, EFT (emotional freedom technique) or hypnosis, you can get quick results. I offer packages that allow you to change your perspective and open new doors. These issues and more can be addressed: Stress; pain; relationships; depression; anxiety; couple or family conflicts; parenting; grief and loss; addictions and others.
My sessions integrate different methods: coaching, energy healing, hypnosis and EFT. My contribution is to guide you to clarify your present situation, define and reach your goal.

As for the workshops below, these are the dates and timing for each of them.

But I also offer one to one training for all of them. Call me to schedule.

What can you learn?

Heal yourself with Reiki level 1

10/24     11/18      12/16



Become a REIKI certified practitioner



Stop smoking with EFT

04.00/ 06.00

Stop the pain with EFT



You will be able to:

1. clarify your goal and the benefits you expect from your weight loss.

2. identify the meaning you give to food and change it.

3. become aware of your body image and improve it.

4. give you a simple tool to manage your cravings and keep you on track with your plan.

It is an interactive workshop based on EFT and FasterEFT. Exercises will allow participants to work on their emotional issues and the benefits will go beyond weight loss. You will learn a simple tool that will allow you to manage your stress in any other situation.


The workshop will be online and use zoom application.
The group is limited to 6 people to allow the work to be personalized.
The duration is of 1 hours 30. It will be every Wednesday at 6 pm Eastern time.
First workshop will start on March 22nd.


If you want to learn an easy and effective way to deal with your pain or emotional issues, you are welcome to attend this workshop. No specific knowledge is required to attend.

You will be able to :

  •  explain the concepts of EFT.
  • identify the nine meridian points to tap on.
  • do one round of tapping on a specific issue.
  • You will practice healing yourself and others and ask questions for clarification.
  • You will receive a presentation document.

Duration: 1 hour 30.


If you want to learn an easy and effective way to stop smoking, you are welcome to attend this workshop.
We mostly don’t even remember how and why we started smoking.

The purpose of this short workshop is to :

  •  decide to stop smoking, if you haven’t yet.
  • find 5 good reasons to stop smoking
  • learn 3 ways to relax and remain calm.
  •  focus on the benefits of being a non smoker.
  •  identify yourself as a non smoker.
  •  Build a vision of yourself and your life as a non smoker.

You will learn the basics of EFT to be comfortable treating your cravings, anxiety, etc.
Practice based on participants issues. You will receive a presentation document.
Duration: 1 h 30

Do self treatment with Reiki: level one

If you want to do regularly your self treatment to manage stress, pain or simply remain happy and healthy, Reiki level one is for you.

This is what will be covered:

  • Reiki history, founder and philosophy.
  • The physical body and the aura.
  • The meridians and the chakras
  • The hand position and the self treatment.
  • Working with plants and animals
  • Putting energy in water .
  • Lineage
  • Cleansing period.

The workshop is interactive and include practicing on each other. Participants will receive documents, attunement and certificate.

Become a Reiki practitioner : REIKI level II

If you want to help others or make of it a career path, Reiki level II allows you to become a practitioner.

This is what will be covered:

  • The symbols, their meaning.
  • Do a healing session using the symbols.
  • Four methods of distant healing.
  • Bless jewels, water, food.
  • Clear energy in a house.
  • Create a Reiki circle.
  • Start a practice.

Teach Reiki :Reiki master

You will learn the master symbols, how to give an attunement, receive attunement and have the basics of how to teach Reiki.

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